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Brand AS KNOW AS de base


AS KNOW AS de base

AS KNOW AS de base (AS KNOW AS) (Japanese: アズノゥアズ ドゥ バズ) is a Japanese fashion brand. They have several other related brands that all start with the "AS KNOW AS" prefix.


The Japanese clothing company AS KNOW AS was founded in 1989 by two mysterious people, whose names are not listed on their website, and ever since it has rocked the Japanese fashion scene. Their goal is simple: to supply stylish, high quality casual wear for women to please their customers. The company carries five different clothing lines: AS KNOW AS de base, [AS KNOW AS olaca, AS KNOW AS Pinky, Nanashi, and, last but not least, AS KNOW AS de wan, their line of trendy accessories for dogs.
AS KNOW AS de base is their original line of clothes. This line pays special attention to detail while offering quality street-style clothing. Though the clothes are cute and pretty, they give off an adult aura, too.
AS KNOW AS olaca is AS KNOW AS's plus size line. "olaca" is another way to spell the Japanese word "ooraka", which means "big hearted". This line features a variety of plus sized women's clothing that flatters the figure.
AS KNOW AS Pinky is the line for any young woman who pays special attention to detail. The clothes are basic, colorful, and are made from the finest materials. According to AS KNOW AS's website, this line is great for "spicing up one's wardrobe".
If a woman is looking for a flexible, sharp, mix-and-match look, they need look no further than AS KNOW AS's Nanashi line. This line is both adult and feminine, as well as suitable when one needs to be a little dressed up. This line features mostly clothes that are black and white.
Finally, AS KNOW AS has their own dog clothing line called AS KNOW AS de wan ("wan" is Japanese for "woof"). This adorable line of trendy dog clothes and accessories is excellent for a young woman who wishes for her dog to be as dressed up as she is. Some of the doggie accessories even match items from the other clothing lines!
AS KNOW AS features a variety of stylish, trendy clothes in a variety of colors and sizes. They have something for just about everyone and their dog! If you're looking for both high fashion and versatility, AS KNOW AS is a good bet in the world of Japanese fashion.

External Links

AS KNOW AS official site (Japanese)

Brand Angelic Pretty


Angelic Pretty

Angelic Pretty is a Japanese Sweet Lolita clothing brand. Angelic Pretty is an offshoot of the Lolita style that was started in the 1970s by brands such as Milk and Pink House. The idea behind the Lolita Style is to create clothing very similar in style to those clothes worn by younger women in 19th century settings such as Anne of Green Gables or Little House on the Prairie, though much has been done to modernize the appeal of the style since then.


Angelic Pretty is one of the earliest of the Lolita brands of clothing and is today one of its largest contributers. Founded in 1979, the brand has been around and setting the general style of Lolita fashion ever since.
The brand has recently started to take advantage of growing international interest (spurred by the release of the Gothic-Lolita Bible in other nations) by launching an English Language website for the first time and presenting two of their top designers, Maki and Asuka for public appearances and community events.


Asuka and Maki, the two public faces of Angelic Pretty have recently been seen at PMX events as well as in Lolita panels and in the Angelic Pretty store, representing the brand personally.
Maki, originally from Saitama prefecture, started working for Angelic Pretty in 2003 and has since become one of the company’s lead designers. Her eduction background is in illustration and worked her way through college with her illustrations at Angelic Pretty. Her current responsibilities include the design of socks and the choosing of base cloth and thread for Angelic Pretty products.
Asuka, from Kanagawa prefecture, started working for Angelic Pretty in 2001 and has also become one of the company’s lead designers, as well as overseeing the press work of the company. Her educational background is in Design of clothing and accessories and started woking for Angelic Pretty directly after finishing school. Her current design work includes Bags, Shoes, and Parasols.

The Angelic Pretty Line

Angelic Pretty’s approach is to a complete outfit, meaning they sell a wide array of clothing that includes lolita coats, dresses, jumpers, skirts, blouses, cutsews, petticoats, bloomers, socks, shoes, bags, accessories, and headdresses. These items are generally presented in the same basic original style in which they were conceved when the line was launched, but with small variations on an annual basis. Designers are often assigned to specific tasks within the company to ensure a unique perspective for each piece of clothing and accessory produced.

Shop Locations

Angelic Pretty was almost exclusively available in Japan until the March, 2008 launch of the English Language website. Store locations include the main shop in Tokyo’s Harajuku Fashion District, as well as additional branch locations in Nagoya, Osaka, Sendai, Utsunomiya, Hiroshima, and Yokohama.

Angelic Pretty Head Shop

The main Angelic Pretty shop is inside of LaForet in Harajuku.
  • Laforet Harajuku Building
  • 1-11-6 Jingumae
  • Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
  • Japan
  • Phone: +81-(0)3-3478-0860
  • Hours: 11:00-20:00

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Brand Alfredo Bannister


Alfredo Bannister

Alfredo Bannister is a Japanese fashion brand that specializes in men’s shoes. Well known for its high quality, Italian inspired designs, Alfredo Bannister has become a top producer of men’s shoes in Tokyo and around the world.


Alfredo Bannister can trace its history back to 1978 when the founding company, ABAHOUSE was launched. In 1986, the brand that would produce Alfredo Bannister Shoes was added to the company and the original shoe line was officially launched in 1992 under Alfredo Bannister.


The designs used by Alfredo Bannister consist of largely contemporary, edgy designs that combine stylishness that is well known throughout the world with modern touches. Japanese leather is used for every shoe and with a women’s collection that was added in the 1990s, the brand caters to every type of customer.
The most recent designs by Afredo Bannister have attempted to bring in more of the modern street inspired designs that have been pushing the shoe design niche of the fashion industry to new heights in Japan in recent years. The result is a mixed line (though new designs are separated most often) of classically inspired, high quality shoes, and modern twists on those classical designs.

Shop Locations

Alfredo Bannister can be found throughout Tokyo as well as in London and Paris with a new shop soon to open in New York. The Flagship Store location is currently in Laforet Harajuku at:
  • 1-11-6 Jingumaei, Shibuya-ku
  • Tokyo 115-0001

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Brand A Bathing Ape

A Bathing Ape

The Bathing Ape (BAPE) is a popular brand of Japanese clothing.
Bathing Ape's, BAPE, logo and theme were derived from the original hit movie "Planet of the Apes". The brand name is also based on a Japanese saying, "bathing in lukewarm water", describing the comfortable lifestyle of today's youth in Japan. Representing much more than a conventional clothing line Bathing Ape offers sweatshirts, polo style shirts, and thongs. The founder and designer, Nigo, approached what is called a horizontal marketing technique. His company incorporates many more aspects of the market than merely clothing, supporting his earliest dreams of becoming a lifestyle company. By offering advice and products enhancing music, hair, and even food has prevented Bathing Ape from fading away like many other Tokyo brands.
Bathing Ape products are known for being difficult to obtain, giving the name an even greater meaning. Uninterested in Japanese expansion, Nigo has focused on expansion in the United States and abroad. Boasting over 25 sales outlets around the world, Nigo has regulated the sales of Bathing Ape products by enacting several uncommon policies such as limiting multiple sales to one buyer, and verifying sizes to ensure small amounts of clothing hit the underground markets. This unique approach to sales has helped make this company what it is today.


In early 1990 Nigo was just beginning his career as a fashion student, Deejay, and magazine stylist. It was at this time that he realized the challenges dealt with when searching for quality trend setting clothing. Nigo loved to create his own style of clothes so he began designing and marketing them out of duffel bags at local parties and deejay shows. Produced in limited quantities, they quickly became popular in the back alleys of Tokyo's fashion-obsessed Harajuku neighborhood.
It wasn't until 1993 that Bathing Ape was launched out of a tiny Harajuku storefront called the busy workshop. In only a few years Japanese youth started going "ape crazy", bearing Nigo's logos and motifs from head to toe while toting his "busy works" bags. Knowing he had set the stage for great accomplishment, Nigo launched stores around the world in some of the most popular fashion setting places such as London, Hong Kong, and America.

Celebrity Interest

Hip-Hop artist around the world have taken up the trends of Bathing Ape. Popular names such as Pharrell Williams, Jay-Z, Lil Wayne, Jin Au-Yeung, Young Jeezy, Da Banggaz, Jermaine Dupri, and The Clipse are only a few of Bathing Ape's best customers. One of the biggest contributions to Bathing Apes growth may be the celebrity attention due to the quality, rareness of designs, and its exclusiveness.

Nigo is the nickname of the designer Nagao Tomoaki who created the popular Japanese streetwear clothing brand a Bathing Ape, also known as BAPE.

Harajuku (原宿) (Harajyuku) is an area of Tokyo, Japan surrounding Harajuku Station. Harajuku is located in Tokyo's Shibuya Ward and is primarily in Jingumae, but the edge may reach into Sendagaya as well. The area has a worldwide reputation as, along with Shibuya, one of the centers of Japanese youth fashion and culture. Tourists from all over the world come to Harajuku to view the Japanese teens who congregate in the area to shop, eat, and hang out. The Japanese youth around Harajuku often wear extreme clothing styles influenced by cosplay, punk, gothic, lolita, hip hop, and other international and Japanese subcultures.

External Links

Bathing Ape Official Site (Japanese)

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Baby bundle trend masa kini

Tarikan Baby Bundle

MENCARI kelainan dalam menjalankan perniagaan merupakan antara faktor penentu bagi menarik perhatian pelanggan.

Atas semangat mahu menjadi usahawan kreatif dan berbeza dengan peniaga-peniaga lain, pasangan suami isteri Azim Haffiz Aziz Zaman, 36, dan Nor Azura Md. Baki, 33, memberanikan diri memilih perniagaan pakai terpakai bayi (bundle), dikenali sebagai Baby Bundle sebagai teras peniagaannya.

Ketika ramai peniaga bundle cuba 'berebut' mahu menjalankan perniagaan bundle dan menyasarkan kepada umum khususnya golongan remaja, Baby Bundle berjaya mengalihkan perniagaan sedemikian kepada bayi.
Dari aksesori hingga ke pakaian semua dikhusus untuk bayi dan kanak-kanak berusia 10 tahun ke bawah.
Lebih menarik, kesemua pakaian bundle yang dijual di sini bukan sekadar cantik, tetapi ia berjenama terkenal seperti Ralph Lauren, Baby Guess, Baby Phat, Tommy Hilfiger, Harley Davidson dan banyak lagi yang tidak boleh didapati di pasaran tempatan.

Bercakap soal harga pula, kemeja-T, jean, seluar, gaun, kasut untuk bayi dan kanak-kanak lelaki dan perempuan boleh diperoleh pada harga semurah RM1 serta tidak melebihi RM50.

Azim Haffiz memberitahu, idea membuka perniagaan ini timbul selepas menyedari pakaian kanak-kanak hanya dipakai dalam tempoh yang singkat kerana mereka cepat membesar. Justeru, membeli pakaian terpakai dilihat cara paling sesuai buat ibu bapa yang mahu berjimat.

"Baru sahaja dua tiga bulan beli, baju dan seluar sudah tidak muat. Jadi, terpaksalah mereka beli yang baru. Biasanya anak yang kedua atau ketiga akan memakai baju anak yang pertama.

"Jadi Baby Bundle memberi pilihan kepada pelanggan untuk memenuhi keperluan ibu bapa. Keperluan dan aksesori kanak-kanak yang dijual di pasaran adakalanya mahal. Di Baby Bundle, kami menyediakan produk kepada pengguna tanpa berbelanja besar," katanya.

Tambah Nor Azura pula, dia sudah empat tahun menjalankan perniagaan bundle, sebelum memberi tumpuan kepada pakaian bayi.

"Syukur, selepas setahun menukar konsep kepada Baby Bundle sambutan orang ramai dilihat agak memberangsangkan sehingga saya mampu menambah sebuah lagi lot kedai.

"Sekarang saya perlu menambah stok seminggu sekali bagi memenuhi permintaan pelanggan yang datang dari sekitar negeri ini dan jauh termasuk Kuala Lumpur, Melaka dan Johor," katanya.

Ketika ditanya mengenai penerimaan ramai dari segi kualiti dan kebersihan, Nor Azura memberitahu, kebanyakan pakaian yang ditawarkan merupakan bundle Gred A. Kesemua pakaian itu dibasuh sebelum dipamerkan untuk dijual.

"Kami sentiasa mementingkan kualiti. Oleh itu, setiap kali mengambil stok di Klang kami akan pastikan pakaian yang diterima tidak lusuh, koyak dan kotor."
Kini kedai dua lot itu mempunyai 8,000 jenis pakaian terpakai bayi dan kanak-kanak.

Apa itu 'Bundle' ?

pakaian bundle ni memang dah lama ada dekat malaysia ni. kalau dari zaman aku sekolah dulu memang orang dah sibuk-sibuk nak mencari bundle terutamanya budak-budak yang gilakan brand. berebut-rebut pergi kedai bundle kalau stok baru masuk...

tapi apa sebenarnya pakaian bundle ni?
pakaian bundle ni sebenarnya pakaian yang terpakai yang diimport dari luar negara seperti US, jepun, UK, korea dan negara-negara eropah lain. Pakaian-pakaian ini akan dikumpulkan dan dibungkus dalam guni. inilah yang dipanggil BUNDLE. guni-guni bundle ini kemudian akan dijual kepada pembekal secara pukal. selain daripada pakaian terpakai, ada juga pakaian baru. kita boleh jumpa pakaian tu siap dengan tagging dia lagi. kemungkinan besar pakaian ini dibeli dan tidak dipakai langsung atau pakaian ini adalah pakaian reject/ stok lama dari kedai.

jenis pakaian bundle...???
jenis pakaian yang ada dalam bundle macam-macam dari kemeja & t-shirt sampailah ke bra dan girdle. hehehe.. memang 1001 macam jenis pakaian. tapi selain pakaian biasa ada juga bundle kasut, selimut, toto, langsir dan macam-macam lagi lah. selagi benda tu boleh digunakan semula, memang akan dijual sebagai bundle.

ape yang menariknya pakaian second hand ni...??

kepada mereka yang tak pernah @ tak minat pakai bundle ni mesti pelik kenapa ada orang suka dan sanggup pakai pakaian terpakai. tak kurang pula yang geli kerana menganggap pakaian ni bekas orang lain dan kotor. ini terpulanglah kepada citarasa dan minat masing-masing. tp apa yang menariknya pakaian bundle ni adalah pakaian yang berkualiti tinggi terutama pakaian yang diimport dari US. kualiti kain dan printing memang bagus. bagi peminat jenama, pakaian bundle ni memang jadi pilihan kerana mereka boleh dapat brand kegemaran masing-masing dengan harga yang murah. jenama-jenama besar seperti levi's, dockers, polo, harley davidson memang menjadi pilihan peminat-peminat bundle ni. kalau display kat kedai tu, memang tak lama la... kejap je ada peminat dia datang beli... seronok tengok.

tak kotor/ berpenyakit ke pakaian bundle ni...??

semua pakaian yang dibungkus dalam setiap bundle yang diimport telah diletakkan bahan kimia tertentu untuk membunuh kuman dan mengelakkan penyakit. sebab itu kalau kita pergi ke kedai-kedai bundle yang pakaiannya belum dibasuh, kita boleh cium satu bau yang sama je. ini la bau yang org panggil "bau bundle"... bau bahan kimia yang digunakan tu. tp di XY BUNDLE, kita orang basuh dan gosok dahulu pakaian bundle ni sebelum dijual supaya lebih bersih dan cantik. dah banyak dah pun kedai bundle yang basuh pakaian bundle ni sebelum dijual. pelanggan yang datang pun akan rasa lebih selesa kerana pakaian-pakaian ini semua telah bersih dan tidak berbau.

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